Hey, Welcome to my site. 

My name is Dan and I was a victim of Sony, just like you are right now. My PS3 had the famous “yellow light of death” problem and guess what? 

My warranty had been expired just for 13 days.. Cant you believe that? Anyway, I choose not to send my console away for repairs simply because it’s ridiculous. A long waiting time + paying $150 for a problem that happened because of their own fault? NO WAY! 

So I was checking out sites on the web to see if I could fix my PS3. After many searches, I eventually stumbled upon a PS3 repair guide, used it and was lucky enough to get my Playstation 3 back alive. (yay!) 

And now, I want to help people just like you, who are victims of Sony, to fix their PS3 console’s without paying lots of money and without waiting for weeks. (I know how frustrating it can be when you can’t relax and play a game.) Well, that’s my story… 

I really hope that because of this site that you’ll be able to successfully fix your PS3. 

To your repair success,