How do I get my ps3 yellow light of death fix? Is the question I hear every day from victims of the annoying PS3 ylod. The Yellow Light of Death can be one of the most annoying encounters on a PS3.

To think of the little fortune spent on your PS3, this seemly obstacle should not deter you from enjoying your PS3. Like any other electronics the PS3 can be fixed. All you need is a little time and patience to do the needed and it will be working fine again.

I want to show you three easy tips you could use to have your PS3 yellow light of death fix.

Here are some tips below on how to fix PS3 ylod now:

  • Turn off your PS3 for at least 20 minutes (to allow it to cool down), then turn it on again
  • Check for any loose cables
  • Take out your PS3′s hard drive and put it back in (this may need to be done a couple of time)

If the problem still persist then the following are the options your have:

Option 1: Send the PS3 back to Sony for repair

This option may look like the easiest and convenient, but it isn’t. Because I have noticed that most PS3′s suffer the YLOD outside warranty period (only one year), you will have to pay $150 US, plus postage.

And not to mention the 4-6 weeks waiting period for your ps3 ylod fix to be ready. I hope you are aware that your HDD will be wiped clean, so you will lose all your contents.

Not too impressive if you ask me.

Your second option is: Repair it yourself

This option is by far the most efficient, safest and easiest option out of the two. You can have your Yellow Light of Death repaired and the PS3 up and running in under an hour, with the right guide and equipment.

The benefits for this are:

  • It’s a safe method
  • An easy method-anyone can follow the videos and do this
  • You WON’T lose your data (Sony whips the data off your PS3 while repairing it)
  • The cheapest way compare to that amount you will spend if you sent it to Sony.
  • It makes you solve small problem at home for your friends, kids, family members and makes you looks like a genius and well respected among your folks.
  • Another great benefit about repairing the Yellow Light of Death yourself, is that you won’t have to wait for weeks, in fact, there is the  high likelihood  that you’ll be done within a day or even Within 1 hour.

This method has been performed by many people across the PS3 world, so why not give it a try?

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Now if you want your PS3 yellow light of death fix quickly and cheaply,you should do it yourself with the help from a PS3 repair guide.If you want more information either about sending your console over to Sony, or to do it yourself,

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