PS3lightsfix- What is it?

Most evenings when I hang out with my buddies, there is this close friend of mine who is always complaining about his PS3. 

He told me he was sick and tired of his ps3 and he needs his ps3 yellow light of death  fix urgently. 
He has sent this for repairs before still the problem keeps occurring. 

This is keeping him from enjoying his usual favorite games and he feels so bad about it.
Recently I saw him a bit lively, I asked what the good news was all about? 

He told me how he met with this friend who had the same problem he is having with his Ps3 and referred him to a wonderful do-it-yourself guide called ps3lightsfix
I have never really heard of this before. So I asked him if he could tell me a bit more about it. He said he would be very happy to.

Basically, from my friend description, this product works basically with some detail knowledge of fixing the root causes of the yellow light of death in the first place. 
It does this without damaging your console, it contains very detailed step by step videos and pdf guides that you can follow and the best of all is so simple and easy to follow, even if you are technically blind. 

I was very impressed by the description.
Looking at my ps3 that has started developing the red lights beeps, I knew I need to start thinking of a ps3 repair guide that I can be rest assure will be a proven success weapon.
 So the really big question that you are probably wondering about is whether or not the ps3lightsfix actually works? 

My friend has not yet really tried it out but he told me that there are plenty of examples of satisfied users who had their ps3 ylod fix using this  repair guide.
Here is how I see it. 
You either do it yourself and do it well, do it safely at a cheaper rate and start enjoying your favorite games as quickly as possible without erasing  the precious contents of your HDD, or take it to Sony for repairs - this will cost you a minimum of $150.
Sony will take at least 6 weeks before they returned your PS3 and worst news of all is that your HDD would lose all its content.
That means you will need to re-install your favorite games and if you have lost your original CDs you may have to re-purchase them.
So honestly, which do you prefer?

That is why I really believe there is no problem whatsoever with using a product such as ps3lightsfix. 
It is very cheap, safe and you can use it as ps3 ylod repair for recurring cases for yourself, friends and family members. 
So no need for recurring payment to Sony and the trouble getting to those repair centers!
I know what sort of embarrassment these ps3 ylod problem might cause, especially when you’re having fun with your friends enjoying your favorite game.
The ring of death as it is fondly called interrupts and that is so embarrassing at times.
This can be avoided if you know how to solve this now and then. 

The good news is that you can put an end to such ugly cases.

Go ahead and try out this product-ps3lightsfix

You might like it as I did.